Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel watches over your Mac, locking it whenever you leave, and automatically unlocking it when you return.

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Guardian Angel range image

Not Too Close For Comfort

When you run Guardian Angel for the first time, you can choose how far you want to be from your computer before it locks, so whether you are at home or in the office you can tweak the range to your liking.

Guardian Angel connects to your phone using bluetooth, so everything that you need is already in your computer and ready to go.

No Phone? No Problem.

Before Guardian Angel gets to work, you will be prompted to set a password to be used as a backup. That way, if you lose your phone, or it goes out of range, you can still get back into your computer the old fashioned way.

Guardian Angel login screen
Guardian Angel menu

No Distractions...
Just A Watchful Eye

Nobody likes unnecessary distractions. That's why Guardian Angel lives in your menu bar, staying out of the way until you need it to spring into action.

If you want to change any settings, such as the locking range or your connected devices, the preferences button is still just a click away.

Teach Guardian Angel New Tricks

We can't anticipate how everyone will use Guardian Angel. That's why we've made it possible for you to set your own custom behaviour by adding scripts and applications into the program's settings, allowing you to decide exactly what happens when your computer locks or unlocks.

To give you a bit of an idea, we've included the ability to pause your iTunes on lock, so your music won't be left playing to an empty room, and you won't miss your favourite songs, but that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Guardian Angel menu


Guardian Angel Screensaver Unlocker

Do you wonder why Guardian Angel can lock using Apple's screensaver but can't then unlock it? Well download Guardian Angel Screensaver Unlocker and add it to unlock table in the actions tab and you're away. Make sure that Guardian Angel's password is the same as your account password.

Guardian Angel Waker

Has your computer screen gone to sleep before you got back from your trip to make tea? Download Guardian Angel Waker and add it to the unlock table in the actions tab, this will wake the display if it is asleep when Guardian Angel unlocks.